About Mentor Auto Stables

We take our passion for pedigree of clients and their vehicles to the highest standards. Your needs and our standards of practices are our benchmarks. We comprise of the of over 100 years experience in the Automotive and motor sport industries at Australia’s highest levels. Our group are world travelled professionally for their services and capabilities to deliver the best tailored result for each and client and their needs.

We work with teams, business’ and individuals with the overarching target of greater performance. Our Consultancy and Enhancements pages identify some of the elements within our speciality and field.

Quality Policy

Mentor Auto Stables Pty Ltd is committed to promoting the use of a process-based approach to quality management. Decisions made within the company consider using risk-based thinking.  Senior management will ensure that an effective mix of resources is made available to achieve the outputs required against our customers’ requirements.

The Office of the Directors is committed to ensuring customer requirements are met, and efforts are focused on enhancing customer satisfaction while meeting our statutory and regulatory requirements.

While ensuring and maintaining our customer focus, our company will identify risks and opportunities associated with the conformity of our products and services against our customer and regulatory requirements. The Quality Policy is communicated throughout Mentor Auto Stables Pty Ltd through induction manuals, training events and by being displayed prominently throughout the sites including the main entrance/reception.

The nominated Quality Manager will review the Quality Policy in consultation with relevant persons at regular intervals (annually), or sooner when deemed necessary.

The General Manager is appointed as the Management Representative for quality management within the company. The Management Representative has the full support of Mentor Auto Stables Pty Ltd to establish, implement and maintain quality assurance following this manual, ISO 9001:2016 and other applicable regulations, standards and guidance.

Ryan Maddison

The Mentor Auto Stable’s Management Executive Team combines a vast array of industry and business success and learnings gained over many years. It is from our background and network associations that we offer results based performance solutions from advise to on the ground solutions to assist your business.

Consulting & Management Solutions


With vast industry and business success we can assist your company with results based performance solutions. To find out more contact us today.