Enhancement & Services

At Mentor Auto Stables, we design, engineer and manufacture solutions. We work closely also with our extended reach for a proprietary line of tuning products which features a full fabrication and machine shop with CNC and rapid prototyping capabilities; in-house performance dynos, complete engine management and software tuning capabilities along with a complete service/repair/installation facility and a full-time design engineering and sales staff.

Exterior – Look and Feel

The colour and finish may be something you want to change permanently or temporarily. Either repainting, ceramic coating or in the changing world of vinyl, we deliver the look to achieve you expectation.
Vehicle exteriors
Off Road Performance Skins
Marine Interior and Exterior Performance – including warrantable performance anti-fouling of the hull.

Under the Skin – The Heart

We deliver the optimal performance from the vehicles architecture without stressing it. If some elements will be exposed to greater stress’ causing risk firstly we identify these items and know what to replace for your needs. The performance you seek could be as simple as breathing affectively or it could be a new power plant optimised for application. We are capable to delivery efficiently each step or move straight to extreme results.

Modern Performance – The Brains

In all modern builds, the Electronics are what controls the way in which modern machinery operates. In most applications there are a series of control units and set parameters that deliver performance. This can be in fuel efficiency, battery energy management or raw power and torque.
We can enhance or completely change the method of thinking of your machine however this needs consultation of what you want.


The least focused area of Track, Off Road and Marine performance – stopping and controlling that energy  is often a secondary thought however this is an untapped opportunity for performance in all applications to improve your experience, control and results. We have solutions in all applications and can create bespoke solutions on your needs.

Unique – Custom Works

From various projects already undertaken, we love making your vision come to reality. We can assist in design or concept idea to ensure no detail is missed but will ensure the result is unique and to the highest standards available.

Advice – Let Us Help

Looking at all of the above we love what we do. Just like seeking advice for Financial planning or investments, we have the expertise and unfortunate age that we like to assist with advice… Our team are able to advise whichever your question. If we don’t know the answer the advise is free when we seek the best information.